Introducing Task Mining

If you think about it, every business process is really made up of two things: all the actions taken by the people involved, and all of the data moving through the systems involved. Up until now, Process Mining technology has worked with business data. Now, Celonis is opening the door to a whole new category of data and a whole new level of process excellence, by connecting to user interaction data with Task Mining.

Task Mining is the technology that allows businesses to capture user interaction data, so they can analyze how their people are getting work done, and understand how they can do it even better.

By adding Task Mining to our existing robust Process Mining capability in the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud, we’re empowering companies gain a fuller picture of how their business truly works — not just process-wise, but people-wise, too.

In this Data Sheet you’ll see:

  • How Task Mining helps you gain a new level of insight by bringing user interaction data and business data together like never before
  • How Task Mining can help you benchmark work across divisions, identify and invest in high-value work, optimize the way your employees work to achieve better business outcomes, and more
  • How Task Mining technology works, including capabilities like the new Celonis Recorder, Optical Character Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Case ID Matching

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