What is Robotic Process Automation and how does it work with Process Mining?

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is an emerging technology designed to automate the repetitive, high-volume-but-low-value tasks that employees do on their desktops — form-filling, copy-pasting, etc. — by getting software robots to do them instead.

Used in isolation, RPA is not a complete solution for process improvement. In fact, analysts say that 30-50% of RPA initiatives fail to achieve their goals.

To achieve lasting impact — and deliver real business value — RPA is best used as part of a broader set of tools in a holistic process excellence strategy.

In this Data Sheet you’ll see:

  • How the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud can help you take a more strategic approach to process improvement that includes RPA and other tools, like Process Mining, Task Mining, Process Analytics, and AI-powered Action Automation.
  • The risks and benefits of RPA, and how it fits into a larger process excellence and Process Mining strategy
  • How customers like Siemens and ABB are accelerating operations with the power of Celonis
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