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Getting full transparency over your finance processes end-to-end. Identifying deviations, analyzing their root causes, and setting up the platform to drive the outcomes that you want. 

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Introducing Frictionless Finance

Helping finance departments achieve the outcomes that matter with Process Mining

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What is Frictionless Finance?

Frictionless Finance uses Process Mining technology to eliminate operational friction and continuously optimize process performance.

From freeing up working capital and maximizing productivity while digitizing operations and managing risk and compliance, Celonis delivers the insights to drive better outcomes — and the platform to turn them into action with AI-powered recommendations.

From insights to automated action

Optimize for outcomes across finance

Whether you’re a VP optimizing working capital, an AP leader after on-time payments, or working to maximize productivity in Procurement or Shared Services — every function can benefit.

Get full visibility over your processes

Visualize your processes as they actually happen — including all the ways in which they deviate from the ideal, and how you can improve them. Build a business case for change based entirely on data.

Hunt down and eliminate inefficiency

Identify and remove operational friction — bottlenecks, manual rework, waste — from your workflows. Leverage AI and machine-learning to prevent issues before they happen and drive your KPIs.

Monitor and ensure compliance

Enforce process conformance, and track it continuously. Predict and prevent fraudulent behavior to avoid penalties — from late payment fees to legal action (France, we’re looking at you).

Driving results in every department

Accounts Payable

Optimize processes to pay on time, every time — not too early, not too late. Maximize cash discounts without compromising on compliance, and drive productivity across the department.


Understand the characteristics of maverick buying and pre-empt it. Increase your perfect PO rate — by eliminating rework, automating in the right places, and accelerating cycle times.

Accounts Receivable

Identify patterns of late payments, missed discounts, and problematic suppliers. Improve billing accuracy, drive automation and knuckle down on productivity to reduce late collections.

Shared Services

Find the key to processing more invoices, orders and POs, faster and at a lower cost for your organization — whether that’s automation, streamlining, eliminating rework and manual changes, or all of the above.

Process Excellence

Finance processes are the ideal starting point for a process improvement initiative — they’re predictable, repetitive, and they’ll deliver immediate return on investment. Why wait?

Finance departments already realizing value

Working Capital

FInance Productivity

Purchasing Compliance

$44M realized annually in extra cash discounts by optimizing payment times

Saving $15M annually by automating/ removing 10M manual steps

96% perfect PO (from 73%) & 85% touchless invoices

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Quickly and automatically extract data from your transactional systems — any systems — to visualize your processes as they actually are.


Identify sources of operational friction, and set up the Action Engine to resolve them — and send preventive alerts to avoid them in future.


Track and quantify the impact of your changes and tweak as necessary on your journey to self-correcting, continuously improving processes.

We’ve focused on the outcomes, because we know that’s where the value lies. But if it sounds too good to be true, dive into the nitty gritty of how Process Mining actually drives results.

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